Hard/Hot wax, waxing

Ready To Up Your Hot/Hot Wax Game?

If you are a regular visitor to a beauty salon, chances are you’ve encountered strip and hot wax. So after reading this post it won’t be hard for you to spot the difference between them. If you are a professional wax therapist, all we really need to tell you about Harley Hot/Hard Wax is how it’s

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Hollywood Wax, Intimate waxing

5 Tips For The Perfect Hollywood Wax

If you’re not a seasoned waxer. You could be forgiven for first thinking of movies and celebrities when the word “Hollywood” is mentioned. To further add to the confusion, different salons, spas and therapists often have different names for the same treatment. So how do you know that your waxing needs are not getting lost

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Eyebrow shape, eyebrows

5 Eyebrow Shapes And How To Pick The Right One

  Just over a decade ago it was trendy to have really thin eyebrows. Some people even went to the more extreme end of the “arch” (pun intended) and plucked everything off in favour of even thinner pencil lines. The trend then bounced over to the exact opposite end and having caterpillars on your forehead

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Brazilian wax, waxing

5 Unusual Brazilian Wax Questions Answered

If you are reading this, it means that by now you know that a “Brazilian” in this context does not refer to a cocktail or a dance move. That means we can skip some of the preliminary questions about ‘where’ and ‘how’ and get straight down to waxing business. We are going to discuss five

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Harley Wax, waxing, products

7 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Harley Wax

We are always proud to hear our customers saying that they are loyal Harley fans and wouldn’t consider switching! We firmly believe that Harley Wax is a superior product in the waxing market. If you need a refresher on the reasons to choose Harley Wax, or you need help convincing your salon to make the

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ingrown hair, waxing, treatment

Tips and Tricks To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Ingrown Hairs

We all know that there are ways to get through a waxing treatment that help to minimize any pain and discomfort. But are we aware that we can help make sure there isn’t any pain afterwards, from ingrown hairs or irritation? Arm yourself with knowledge and the right after-wax products so that your waxing treatment

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